Photo credit: Sunhil Sippy

Local Activities

India is the land of abundance, and you will definitely experience a sensory overload! To help you make the most of your stay we have compiled a list of places and stores you should go to and restaurants you should not miss out on! Hope you find this helpful. Please don’t hestitate to contact us for further information.


It's nothing if not a city of contrasts. It's ancient and modern, dirt poor (home to Asia's 2nd largest slum) and filthy rich (stomping ground for countless millionaires). It parties till dawn yet still prays at daybreak. It has nightclubs and temples, socialites and mystics. It's the most densely populated metropolis on earth, and it has a beach for a backyard. Some say it's too fast, too big, too much... We say its home.
We can't think of a better place than Mumbai, our marital home, to begin our wedding celebrations! Please make sure you arrive in Mumbai no later than Feb 27th! If you want to explore the city and shop for Indian clothes for the wedding we suggest arriving a few days earlier.


Jodhpur is similar to Jerusalem or Marrakech; you're not just a passive witness, you're completely immersed. Its often-called The Blue City due to the sea of aqua colored houses beautiful juxtaposed against the dry browns of the desert that surrounds it. Jodhpur got its alternative name when the Brahmin's used to paint their homes blue in order to differentiate themselves from other Castes, now it's become a norm for most and a signature for the city. Jodhpur offers every visitor a fleeting glimpse into the depth of a culture steeped in the past and yet stepping ahead vibrantly and fearlessly into the future.

The soul and resistance of the city is what captures you immediately, making our decision to celebrate the start of our future here effortless. Let the celebrations begin!