Once upon a time


16 year old Shaana Levy spots a 23year old Uraaz
Bahl in Mumbai at a Christmas Eve party and tells
her Mum she found a boy "soooo hot!" Uraaz Bahl,
aka "Uri" has no recollection of the pre pubescent
gawker, and to this day denies ever having seen

10 years later...



A newly single Uraaz can't seem to get Shaana out of his mind. After a few failed attempts to meet her, he discovers she is moving back to London for good! This calls for serious action! Mr. Bahl does the honorable thing... And lies! He offers Shaana a non-existent job proposition and sets up a "BUSINESS

Feb 21st 2011


Cinderella is proof that a pair of shoes can change your life

Dinner and a movie was the first official non-work date. The night before Uraaz had won a poker game, thanks to Shaana's 'good luck' bbm's and he wanted to share his winnings if the first date went well! While driving to the cinema post a dinner filled with nerves and laughter he handed her a shopping bag. Inside was a pair of shoes matching her handbag she had carried for their meeting. The slipper may not have been glass but it fit like a glove, and that's when this fairy tale began!

Jan 24th 2012



One stormy monsoon evening, Shaana, fresh from a
nasty break up, begs her family friend, for Sindhi
Curry and company. Sindhi curry his cook can
provide, but his company has already been
accounted for as he has plans to meet Uri for ribs!
Shaana instantly remembers her teenage crush and
suddenly gains an appetite for ribs too (she doesn't
eat Pork!) Make-up was quickly applied to hide any
signs of swollen crying eyes - and her game face
was on!
Conversation flowed, without a morsel of flirtation
much to Shaana's horror. Uraaz did a good job of
hiding the fact that he was fascinated by this half
Jewish half Gujarati import, as he was otherwise
Shaana was hoping she would hear from Uraaz but
after 2weeks of radio silence she decided to make a
massive first move and add him on Facebook!
Unfortunately the love story doesn't start here as
Mr. Bahl is Facebook illiterate.

9 months later...


Shaana was baffled throughout the "meeting" as the proposed job was 2years away from commencement! Uraaz was nervous about imparting copious amounts of bullshit regarding the fictitious job. A very confused Shaana left the meeting, not realizing that as far as Uraaz was concerned it was mission accomplished! Bb pins had been exchanged!

Feb 26th 2011



On the eve of Shaana's Birthday, the now 11 month old
couple trekked to Tanzania on the longest journey of
their lives! Mumbai - Nairobi- Kilimanjaro - followed
by a tin can propeller plane which kept stopping at
various camps. The last stop was theirs and motion sick
Uraaz, officially green in color, had an air sick bag
filled with joy to give in exchange for the welcome
towel the hotel gave him! Shaana begged Uraaz to sleep
and not bother bringing in her birthday, but he insisted
they wait up and soaked in the tub till dinner. The
exhausted duo dined in the company of candles and had
dessert beneath the stars desperately trying to kill time,
to no avail. They returned to their tent, brushed their
teeth, changed in Pj's and played backgammon until the
clock chimed 12. The tent opened revealing cake and
hot chocolate in champagne flutes! Shaana was amazed
at Uraaz's sweet forward planning and finally
understood why he was so adamant on staying awake.
"Now for your gift" - Uraaz handed her his iPhone,
"scroll" he instructed. A silver wrapped box with a big
red ribbon was the first image she saw, each image
unwrapped the box a little bit more, finally revealing a
watch which Shaana had been jonesing over! Trembling
with delight, Shaana dropped the iPhone and smothered
Uraaz with kisses, completely shocked by the
extravagant gift! They spent 5minutes talking about how
he got the watch and then he said "Wait, there's more!"
Shaana couldn't fathom how many more gifts could
possibly follow the watch, but took the iPhone and
continued scrolling. An image of the watch was in front
of her, followed by an image of the side of the watch
and finally an image of the back of the watch, which
was engraved with, "Will You Marry Me?"

Silence, followed up an avalanche of tears and shrieks
ensued. "Ssshhhhhh you'll wake the Lions!" whispered
Uraaz, and then realized Shaana still hadn't answered
his question. "Ask me again" pleaded Shaana, "I need to
hear you say it".
"Will you Marry Me?"
"Yes! Yes! Yes!"

they lived happily ever laughter...